Repair Blog

  • 1938 Zenith 5-S-220 Radio Repair

    This 1938 Zenith cube, the 5-S-220, came through the shop recently for a repair. It’s a cute little 5 tube radio with AM and one shortwave band (although no RF amplifier), and an unusual tone arrangement on the band switch knob where each band has two positions for treble/normal depending on your preferences. This radio… Read more »

  • 1931 Philco 111 Radio Repair

    This 1931 Philco 111 radio came through the shop recently for an overhaul. It’s a top of the line radio from 1931 featuring a whopping 11 tubes including push-pull 45s for the audio stage. This radio belonged to the owner’s grandparents and they’d kept in the family for many years and it was time to refurbish… Read more »

  • Bose® 901 Series IV #236956 Repair

    This Bose® 901 Series IV Active Equalizer came in for service as the owner reported it was no longer equalizing properly. Time for an overhaul! All original components. The rear panel jacks on the Series IV are un-reinforced and can break their solder joints, as shown here. Re-soldering them and cleaning the jacks ensures a… Read more »

  • Bose® 901 Series IV #268314 Repair

    This Bose® 901 Series IV Active Equalizer, #268314, just came through the shop for an overhaul as the owner reported it wasn’t sounding good. This is one of the latest Series IV equalizers before Bose moved to the Series V design, featuring a regulated power supply. (Most Series IV had an unregulated supply.) Severe degradation… Read more »

  • Bose® 901 Series V #100816

    This Bose® 901 Series V Active Equalizer, #100816, came through the shop for an overhaul lately. These have a number of electrolytic capacitors which go bad with age (in use or in storage), but also have a set of LS404CB op-amp chips which are prone to developing high levels of noise and eventually failing over… Read more »

  • 1936 General Electric E-86 Radio Repair

    This General Electric E-86 radio came to me from a local customer who acquired it from a friend who was clearing out some extra clutter. It was in very good cosmetic shape, and the chassis had been stored well but was in need of a full overhaul to replace the old original parts. After all… Read more »

  • Repairs Delayed Due To Heat

    Seattle is experiencing a serious heat wave! When the shop temperature goes over 85°F, we can’t run our soldering irons or computer diagnostic equipment due to the risk of overheating. During this time of extreme heat, repairs may be processed more slowly. Sorry for any inconvenience!