Fisher Custom Electra K-15 High Fidelity Console

This 1957 Fisher console hi-fi, the K-15, just came through the shop for a repair. The owner’s family bought it new and it had been hanging around ever since, although quit working a few decades ago. The owner decided she’d like to listen to it again, and got in touch for an overhaul.

This is a monster of a hi-fi radio featuring high fidelity AM and FM tuners and a powerful audio section.

The model number K-15 refers to the subwoofer size, this is in fact an 18-tube radio.

Most of the tubes were original, including the quad of 6V6 output tubes.

Very unfortunately, quite a few of the tubes (including all the outputs) had internal short circuits. This could well have been to decades of thermal cycling and bumping around during moves. In total 7 tubes needed to be replaced due to internal shorts.

There are only a few difficult to access components, otherwise this is an easy to service unit.

The main power supply capacitors were all replaced with Nichicon 105°C electrolytic capacitors with a high lifetime reliability rating.

First power-up was a success.

A quick alignment. Coil forms had swelled a bit so the dial tracking couldn’t be perfectly corrected, but the IF alignment peaked up perfectly for great audio quality. This unit has variable AFC, also, which allows you to optimize between ability to receive weak stations and best AFC tuning correction for audio quality depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Quite a few replaced parts:

The original Garrard turntable was unserviceable, but a new Audio Technica fits nicely on the same shelf. The Fisher has an MM pre-amp with both RIAA/Ortho and 78 equalization curve settings, although the new turntable doesn’t play 78s.

This is a beautiful, powerful radio which should play reliably for many years.