Note! BoseĀ® Active Equalizers are always completed within 2-4 weeks, regardless of the waiting list.


Ask a question or request a quote using the form below! We’re a modern shop and conduct all business by e-mail. You should receive a reply to your questions within 2-3 business days in most cases.


Rain City Audio doesn’t accept walk-up visitors for service since we have such a long waiting list. Visits to drop off or pick up equipment are by appointment only. If you’re mailing correspondence or a device for repair, please send it to:


Rain City Audio
12345 Lake City Way NE #217
Seattle, WA 98125


Important: This is a shipping center address, not the physical address of the shop. The physical address will be provided once you schedule an appointment but is just up the road in another commercial building on Lake City Way. Please do not send any equipment for service unless you’ve included a signed copy of the Self Service Agreement or you contacted us first; equipment sent without authorization will be destroyed.


The shop’s phone number is (206) 778-4222 but please don’t call unless you’re here for your appointment: we don’t pick up unless we’re expecting someone for a visit, and we delete all voice messages without listening to them. E-mails are answered within 2-3 days typically.


For all inquiries, feel free to send a message below:

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