Note! BoseĀ® Active Equalizers are always completed within 2-4 weeks, regardless of the waiting list.


Ask a question or request a quote using the form below! We’re a modern shop and conduct all business by e-mail. You should receive a reply to your questions within 2-3 business days in most cases. Please also see the Waiting List page for information about how we process repairs, and items we don’t fix.


Rain City Audio doesn’t accept walk-up visitors for service since we have such a long waiting list. Visits to drop off or pick up equipment are by appointment only. If you’re mailing correspondence or a device for repair, please send it to:


Rain City Audio
12345 Lake City Way NE #217
Seattle, WA 98125


Important: This is a shipping center address, not the physical address of the shop. The physical address will be provided once you schedule an appointment but is just up the road in a commercial building on Lake City Way. Please do not send any equipment for service unless you’ve included a signed copy of the Self Service Agreement or you contacted us first; equipment sent without authorization will be destroyed.


The shop’s phone number is (206) 778-4222 but please don’t call unless you’re here for your appointment: we don’t pick up unless we’re expecting someone for a visit, and we delete all voice messages without listening to them. E-mails are answered within 2-3 days typically.


For all inquiries, feel free to send a message below:

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